What We Do

The Saabri and Ashrafi Relief Fund (SARF) strives to create partnerships between vulnerable communities and caring people to alleviate malnutrition, hunger, food and resource deprivation which undermines the nation’s health, education and economic potential. The organisation procures food items, blankets and other essential goods from donors such as corporates, manufacturers, retailers, individuals and other organisations. The organisation makes a coordinated effort to establish food distribution networks/projects in communities with high concentrations of food insecure people. SARF leverage’s off existing distribution channels of more established organizations all of whom share a common purpose. These include non-profit organisations (NPOs) and public benefit organisations (PBOs) involved in poverty alleviation and other social justice initiatives. Some of our partner organisations are:

  • Sultan Bahu Centres
  • Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre (Darul Uloom Pretoria)
  • Yusufeyah Masjid Wynberg
  • Grassy Park Day Hospital