The unselfish giving in the path of Allah was started in the late 90’s by Hamieda Mustapha Brey from her home, by getting few family members and friends together to pack and later distribute these food parcels.This operation was later spear-headed by her brother,Haji Mustaq Ahmed Brey from his home in Fairways. The seed for the formation of the Saabri & Ashrafi Relief Fund was unknowingly sown then by Haji Mustaq Ahmed and his wife Hameeda Brey. Due to their desire to serve humanity, they continued preparing and distributing food parcels so that families could partake in and derive barakah when celebrating the various auspicious Islamic occasions. Their sincerity, commitment and dedication to serve Allah Almighty resulted in their operation aiding an ever increasing number of needy, Muslim and non Muslim families.In this regard, they needed help to help others. As word spread about their noble activities, they were joined and assisted by various family members, friends and university students. Thus this initiative had now grown into a huge operation. The nature of the help given to those in need had also become multi-faceted. In order to operate efficiently, there was now a need to formalize their previously unpublicised activities. Mustaq Ahmed and Hameeda were brought up in homes that embraced sound Islamic values. Co-incidently, both also belonged to a Sufi tariqa with Mustaq Ahmed belonging to the Saabri order and Hameeda to the Ashrafi order. Both sufi orders trace their way via saints and scholars to the Holy Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) and ultimately to Allah Almighty. As both of them came from homes deeply rooted in spirituality, it was thus very appropriate that when they formalized their operation, they called it the Saabri & Ashrafi Relief Fund. A fund established to serve humanity based on Islamic principles as manifested in the teaching of the two spiritual paths.